Where wellbeing lives  

Designed for happiness and health

Imagine a city within a city where wellbeing, health and happiness are celebrated and supported. A place where people and planet matter as much productivity and profit. A space that simply feels good to be in. We imagined it. Then we built it…

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The biophilic design uses elements found in nature to create a calm environment that promotes wellbeing. Plentiful daylight and a lighting system that enhances mood, alertness and productivity. 


Active design throughout the buildings promotes physical fitness. Ergonomic flowing layouts encourage people to use stairs and walkways instead of lifts. End-of-commute facilities make walking a joy. 


Whether you find your joy in a matchless city view, never being far from an outdoor terrace for fresh air and connection with nature, or knowing that the city’s hottest venues are a step away, there are countless reasons to be cheerful. 

Work at no.1
Work at No. 1
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Prioritising people

Sounds so simple, but the best ideas often are. St Michael’s prioritises people – their comfort, health and happiness – so the ones who live, work and play here can have better days, every day. It’s common sense, and good business sense. Because when people are happier, they are more productive. When they are healthier, they are more successful. And when they are comfortable, they are free to be themselves.

A place to live,
play and stay.

St Michael's is Manchester’s hottest new place to live, work, play and stay. From progressive workspaces that put peoples’ health and happiness first, through to thrilling new flavours with rooftop views, there’s everything you’d hope for. Then there’s so much more. An international hotel when you can’t bear to leave. Abercromby, a proper pub nestled right at our heart. And that’s just the start…

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Natural light matters. Our spaces include huge windows to maximise stunning views and feel-good rays.   


Flexible communal spaces encourage collaboration, connection and fitness – group brainstorm or yoga class anyone? 


End-of-commute facilities for cyclists include safe bike storage and spa-like shower and changing zones. 


We’re choosing our food and beverage partners with care so there’s always something healthy and tempting. 


Drink more water – easier done when hydration stations are built into the fabric of the building. 


There’s more to life than work, and at St Michael’s, you’ll find space to unwind. From quiet terraces to retail therapy, it’s right here. 

Watch this space…

Our biophilic design uses elements found in nature to create a calm environment that promotes wellbeing.  We are working to the scientifically-backed WELL-Building Standard, Fitwel healthy building design principles, and to achieve Cycling Score Certification. We also prioritise sustainability, with eco amenities that will align to UKGBC standards for net zero carbon.